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     "A person who never made any mistakes never tried anything new."   ~ Albert Einstein


6.  Make a commitment.  Decide on whether you want to invest time, money, work, something else or all of the above.  You'll need to take action in order to see results and you'll need to be consistent with your action in order to get better. Commit to learning something new everyday about improving what you do for your GDI business and then implement it.

7.  Stay focused.  Sometimes people will join GDI only to offer another online income opportunity to their downline or upline once they're in.  This is very confusing and distracting to your team as it takes everyone's attention away from the main objective. You'll spread yourself way too thin if you try to work too many different opportunities at once.  Also, you become less and less reputable every time you introduce something new that doesn't work out as explained.  In addition, using contact information obtained through GDI's tools for non-GDI purposes is against terms of service.

8.  Be responsive.  Reach out to your upline and your downline regularly.  You need your downline because your success is in their accomplishments.  You need your upline because they will help you and help support your downline.  If your upline reaches out to you, simply respond.  Let them know you're there and active. Take the initiative to reach out them first if you don't hear from them.  It's never helpful when people on your own team (including you) refuse to communicate.  Nobody likes an unresponsive teammate and you don't want to be that unresponsive teammate.  Know that you can't control other people and how active they are but you are 100% in control of how easy it is for your team to reach you.

9. Familiarize yourself with different methods of online marketing.  Even if you're a beginner.  Even if you haven't heard from anyone on your team yet.  Look up terms such as how to get traffic, building links, ppc, seo, classified postings, safelists, traffic exchanges, etc.  You can always acquire new skills and that's what will add value to your business. Never wish for less challenge because you need the challenge in order for your results to be valuable.  If it were easy then everyone could do it and it wouldn't earn you financial freedom, it'd be just another task completed.  In other words, you can't fly without gravity.  Embrace the challenge and overcome it. The internet has all of the information that you could possibly need to have a successful business. Everything you need is at your finger tips literally.

10. Monitor results.  Since you've committed to taking action consistently its important to determine whether your actions are worthwhile or not.  Before you try something new consider what you're achieving now and compare that to what you're achieving after something new has been implemented.  If you're in a better position after trying something new then keep doing it or find a way to do it even better.  This is how you evolve and continuously advance.

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