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How the average person can make residual income:

    This whole site was created for the sole purpose of teaching others how to make residual income online for little or no cost at all.  Back in 1999 a company by the name of Global Domains International (GDI) was created on a mission to help the average person with limited resources have an opportunity to create a lucrative stream of income like that of a multi-million dollar company.  Many thought it was impossible but the solution was actually very possible and simple...  Leverage.

    GDI found that the easiest way to create leverage was in numbers and recurrences.  Basically, groups of people can produce the same value, if not more, than just one person and they can also do it more consistently with a system that passively repeats itself.  It makes sense that in order to make residual income one must set something up once so that it has residual effects going forward and thus creates the residual income desired.

    GDI went ahead and not only created but just about perfected this residual income system and made it available to anyone anywhere with an internet connection.  The even better part is they made it so that anyone could join the system with zero start up costs.  So now anyone who wants to make residual income can do so by simply joining the system, which again is free to do.

So what is the system and how does it work?

    Anyone wanting to learn how to make residual income should take a look at this 7 minute video that goes over the details. It covers startup, tasks, resources, compensation and more.    Afterwards, you can get started today for free or use the contact form to follow up with any questions you may have.

    You'll find the GDI system is turn-key so there will be no website building, launching or experience required.  In addition, the system is available for immediate use right after registration so there's no waiting period either if you're ready to get started right now.

7 minute video

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