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     "The best time to plant a tree was yesterday.  The second best time is today."


11.  Never stop introducing people to GDI.  The life of your business depends on consistently bringing new people in so ensure that you and your team continue to do so.  You've never "shown your business to everyone" or "ran out of people" with this business.  Remember, this is a global business and you have the internet.  So unlike other opportunities, you'll never run out of people or options with your GDI business.

12.  Just because you have to keep introducing people to GDI doesn't mean you have to constantly chase them down.  There are people all over who have already heard about GDI and want more information.  In addition, there are people all over looking for a way to make money online or build a residual income and all they need is someone to show them a system like GDI.  You just have to find these people, or better yet, help them find you. You can start a blog, submit articles, write press releases, start an online group, start a fan page or do anything possible just to get your name out there and establish yourself as a knowledgeable and helpful person.  As people are searching the internet they'll come across your content and eventually you.

13.  Research the GDI compensation plan and familiarize yourself with all of its opportunities.  This includes the monthly residuals, weekly bonuses, Premium commissions, IDN auctions, Master Affiliate bonuses, etc.  There are many ways to make money online with GDI and some don't even involve recruiting or sales.

14.  Use the services included in your GDI account. As your team sees you using them they will develop more trust in you, the company and its services.  As your team starts using their services more regularly it will help to reduce attrition in your network.

15.  Build wide and deep. Focus on developing a team and realize that when it comes to your own downline you have your personal accomplishments which you will benefit from and you have your team's accomplishments which you will benefit a lot more from. Never stop growing your business at the personal level and also never forget your team will accomplish more together than you ever will alone.

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