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Team Elevate is one of GDI's most expansive teams. Joining through this site connects you with like-minded entrepreneurs across the entire globe!

Team Elevate

     Team Elevate is one of GDI's largest, most successful and expansive teams. Its members span across every continent and range in levels of experience and backgrounds. The group has experienced speakers, coaches and spiritual leaders as well as professionals, work from home advocates and determined individuals aspiring to ditch their 9-5 and become seasoned full-time work from home professionals. Some of Team Elevate's members have been featured on GDI's corporate webinars and some have even shared stages with greater personalities voicing the importance of residual income and time freedom. This motivated drive is balanced with positive beliefs and ethical values which is just one of the reasons the team appeals so well to up and coming candidates.

What's In a Team?

     It's an unfortunate fact only 4% of Network Marketing ventures end in success. This is almost universal across any self employed venture in any industry but what is the cause of such an astounding statistic? A lot of the time it's as simple as knowledge or motivation and other times it can be a number of factors but by joining a winning team you expose yourself to the more successful elements of the experience. If you've tried network marketing before without a supportive team then you know how detrimental lack of support can be.  Although you should be taking full accountability for your venture having the right people beside you always helps.

     By surrounding yourself with experienced network marketers, positive insight, development guidance and more you gain an advantage and help yourself to much greater chances of success. Think about it... If you were an athlete who wanted to win a championship would you want to be a part of the team that just won the championship last year or would you just pick any random team that you came across? Success attracts success, experience breeds confidence and that's the importance of what Team Elevate brings to your experience.


     Synergism - Meaning when 2 individual forces cooperate creating a desired effect greater than each force could create individually. Team Elevate is a solid team but can do nothing without a solid opportunity. GDI is a solid opportunity but can't do much without a stable organization. When you combine them you get something greater than just the 2 together. You get a synergistic result producing the elements needed for success and a winning team is not just an accomplishment - It's a movement. By joining GDI through Team Elevate you join a force in motion pushing towards a common objective.

Building Dreams

     Dreams, goals and aspirations are what the idea financial freedom depends on. Without the necessary driving forces and motivation how can you ever expect to accomplish success? Team Elevate has put in place techniques from some of the greatest in the biz such as Darren Hardy, John Addison, Jim Rohn and so much more and is feeding this content directly to its members creating a foundation to base those dreams and aspirations upon.  See our training schedule for more information regarding these trainings.

     Team Elevate holds an account with Success Media and providing connections to endless trainings and resources all to be shared with you. Dreams are more than just intangible visions. They're real aspirations connected to real people and they require real tools in order to accomplish them. GDI is the vehicle and Team Elevate provides tools. If you're going to join GDI, why not join the best team?

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